Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My First Blog Post!

I can't tell you how excited I am to officially write my very first blog post!  Being a newbie to the blog world, I find it can be overwhelming at times with all the options available in creating a blog. Please bare with me as I learn the ropes, and discover all the creative and exciting ways I will be able to improve my blog.

A little bit about me... Let me first just say that I am a wife and Mom of two kids living in Canada. When I first decided to start a blog, I began by throwing around different ideas for the subject matter and content for it.  My interests range from music to movies, from reading to writing, from tennis to Bikram Yoga. Then I narrowed in on three things that I really had a passion for, three things that I am constantly Googling and researching.  The three things I came up with were Makeup, Food, and Photography.

Growing up, I was always interested in playing with makeup ever since I can remember.  I was limited though, as the only makeup my Mom ever wore, and still wears, is lipstick. I remember always sneaking in her room to try on the bubble gum pink shade that she had on her table.  In high school, I started experimenting with eyeshadow.  My favourite look was putting very pigmented, frosted smokey lavender eyeshadow over my entire (yes, entire!) lid from brow bone to lash line!  Nowadays my tastes in makeup are a bit more subtle, shall we say.  Being a Mom, finding the time to put on makeup can be a bit challenging sometimes, but I never leave the house without at least some kind of product on my lips.

Fast forward to today... these days, I always do my research before buying a cosmetic item.  With great outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Makeupalley and the millions of beauty blogs out there, I am able to make an informed decision before I spend money on any beauty product.  Sometimes I find myself asking, "Did I really need to spend $35 on a lipstick?" I think about it for a minute, then answer with an enthusiastic "Yes!" It's so important to take time for yourself, and do the things that make you happy and give you pleasure.  I believe that a happy Mom = happy kids, and am lucky that I have a husband who recognizes this and encourages me regularly to take time out for just me.  He'll take the kids out so I can have the house to myself to read or take a bath in peace, or suggest that I go out to dinner with friends, or go get my nails done, or sit in the hot tub at the pool.

Ever since the birth of my two kids, I have developed a great passion for cooking.  Not only do I love trying new recipes of all kinds of cuisine, but I also enjoy going out for a meal and appreciating beautifully plated works of art.  My favourite foods tend to lean towards  Japanese, Thai and Indian, but I also love a bbq steak, or a taco from TacoTime.

Which brings me to my third passion in life - photography!  I love documenting elements of everyday life, whether it be a gorgeous plate of salad, to my kids playing on the monkey bars, to a friend's wedding, to my dog getting a haircut, to Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, and the list goes on and on.  I believe that I have a good eye for presentation, and making things look pretty.

Please join me in my journey as I discover new makeup products, mind-blowing tasty eats, beautiful images, and anything else to add to my list of adorations.
Here's to Eyeliners, Eats & Exposure! ~Janice 
makeup photography wallpaper favourite products
Playing around with photographing a few of my favourite makeup products

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