Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My MAC Brush Collection - #109, 129, 168, 219, 239

Over the last couple of years, I've started a MAC brush collection, and have slowly added to it one by one. Currently, I have a total of five MAC brushes. That doesn't seem like a lot to some people, but I find that these are enough to get me ready every day. Even though I have a drawer-full of other brands of brushes, I keep coming back to my MAC ones, and have decided that they are the only ones that are good enough to be used on my face. Should I consider myself a MAC snob now?
Since each brush retails on average for $50 Canadian, I consider each one I buy an investment. My heart races, palms get sweaty, and I have a general feeling of euphoria and giddiness each time I pick one up. I take care of my brushes, and wash them in mild brush cleaner once a week. Because of this, all my brushes look and feel the same as the day I bought them.

These are the brushes in my collection currently...
#109 - Small Contour Brush
#129 - Powder/Blush Brush
#168 - Large Angled Contour Brush
#219 - Pencil Brush
#239 - Eye Shader Brush

My Mac makeup brush collection and how I use them.
From top to bottom: MAC 109, 129, 168, 219 and 239

#109 - I use mostly for highlighting with my beloved Dior Amber Diamond above my cheekbones, around the brow line, and down the center of my nose. The brush is super soft and is made with natural fibers. I love this brush because it's small enough that it doesn't deposit the shimmer powder all over your face so you look like a disco ball. It places the powder only in the areas where you want it to, and makes your face look glowing and radiant.
Mac 109 small contour brush is great for applying highlighter like Dior Amber Diamond.
MAC 109 - Small Contour Brush

#129 - I love using this brush to contour my face with.  It's about twice the size as the 109, and is so soft and fluffy.  Even though the 109 is called the 'contour' brush and is marketed for that purpose, I actually prefer the 129 for contouring, because it provides a more natural and blended application rather than a harsh bronze line (which you do not want!).  My favourite bronzer at the moment is theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer - say that fast ten times!
Mac 129 Powder Blush Brush used to apply bronzer like theBalm Bahama Mama
MAC 129 - Powder/Blush Brush

#168 - This is the softest brush out of the five.  Not sure if it has to do with the white hairs, but I LOVE the feel of it against my face.  The diagonal angle of the bristles makes it easy to apply my blush precisely where I want it.  It picks up product extremely well, and I only need to dip the brush lightly into my theBalm Frat Boy blush for it to be pigmented enough.  If I had to pick only one brush to keep, this would definitely be the one!
Mac 168 Large Angled Contour Brush used for applying blush theBalm Frat Boy
MAC 168 - Large Angled Contour Brush

#219 - This brush is fantastic for lining my eyes with eyeshadow when I don't want to use an eyeliner.  It provides a softer, more smokey-smudged look that I prefer sometimes.  I love using Busted from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for this.  It's also great for applying highlighter to the inner corners of the eye.  This brightens the face and creates the illusion of the eyes being wider apart. 
Mac 219 Pencil Brush great for eyeliner and highlighting eyes
MAC 219 - Pencil Brush

#239 - This is my go-to brush for applying eyeshadow.  It's the perfect size for applying powder from crease to lash line.  The flat shape of the brush makes it easy to pick up the product.  The bristles are extremely soft, and not at all irritating for my sensitive eyes.  My favourite eyeshadows to use are in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.  Even though I have a gazillion number of eyeshadows to choose from, I find myself reaching for this palette constantly.
Mac 239 Holy Grail eyeshadow brush
MAC 239 - Eye Shader Brush

So there you have it...My MAC brush collection thus far!  Hope this helps you out when researching which brushes to buy for yourself.  Please let me know which brushes you have, why you love them, and which ones I should get in the future!  Thanks for reading my blog, and feel free to post a comment!  Bye for now! ~Janice 


  1. Love your collection! MAC brushes are just beyond beautiful... I'm trying to decide whether to purchase 109 or 168.. such a hard decision. I own the 217 and I really recommend it! It's my holy grail brush x

  2. Yes, Mac brushes are the best! I love my Mac 168 brush, and I would pick that one if I had to choose my favourite! I use it every single day!