Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dior Amber Diamond - Instantly Liven Up Your Face & Make It Glow!

Let me first just say that I am obsessed with Dior Amber Diamond!  I never understood highlighting, or why people even did it.  But now I get it!  It's purpose is to bring light to certain areas of the face, and make those parts stand out more and add some dimension.  I like to brush it lightly above my cheekbones, all along the brow bone, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupid's bow.
Dior Amber Diamond - Beautiful Shimmer Bronze Glow Highlighter
Dior Amber Diamond - Beautiful, bronzy glow!
Dior Amber Diamond is a gorgeous compact consisting of five shades ranging from an off-white colour to a deep copper tan shade.  You can use each colour individually, or sweep your brush along all five and create a beautiful bronze shimmering glow (which is what I usually do).  Let me emphasize that it is shimmery, not glittery.  There are no large chunks of glitter whatsoever.  The powder is so finely milled and silky smooth... it feels like pure luxury when you put it on.  It also comes in a shade called Pink Diamond, which is more cool toned and pink in colour, but I find the warm golden Amber Diamond is more of a fit for my NC-35 Asian complexion.  I like to use my MAC 109 brush to apply to the areas mentioned above, or you can also use the MAC 129 brush to apply a light dusting to your whole face and neck to make it glow and look so beautiful and healthy!  ~Janice 
Dior Amber Diamond Packaging  - Beautiful Shimmery Bronze Glow Highlighter
Packaging for Dior Amber Diamond
Dior Amber Diamond - Beautiful Shimmery Bronze Glow Highlighter
Dior Amber Diamond - Finely Milled and Silky Smooth Highlighter

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